inspired by linus and wesley. n special shoutout to eli 4 being my muse!! he is so cool!!

jan 11: i literally manifested this??? new blanchett x tarantino collab just dropped. u r welcome.

jan 06: eating green grapes rn life is good

jan 04: cate blanchett is AUSTRALIAN?? everything makes sense now

jan 04: can't stop thinking about that vid of quentin tarantino singing at a fiona apple concert

jan 03: patatutopia

jan 03: damn tuesday!! i'll do as i like.

jan 02: amortize DEEZ NUTS!!

jan 02: just learned what amortization is. mourning the loss of my childhood

jan 02: shopping list - twine and a tea strainer

jan 02: Hey there! I am using Whatsapp.